May Ho

Photo of May Ho
May Ho 何連美女士

Ms. May Ho and her family have been living in Canada since 1995. She has been working in the Eyewear business for over 20 years, where she opened City Wear Optical Ltd. in 1997 right here in Richmond. She has been involved with the Lions Club for 20 years, participating and hosting many events for local charities. Also own a production company Megalopolis Production Inc. She is widely known for her singing and acting ability, doing many performances for occasional events. Eventually, her cinematic talent has landed her the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a 7 time guest singer alongside the famous Hong Kong singer, Donald Cheung 張偉文, between the years 2014 and 2015. Thus her remarkable singing talents are recognized both locally in Vancouver and Hong Kong.

May is one of the charter members of the Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club and was the President of the club ten years ago, hosting one of the club’s biggest charity event, the “Lions’ Project ‘C’ ” for Richmond Hospital. Currently, she is a member of Parker Place’s board of council and an incoming president  for Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club on 2016-2017. This is her 6th  year in CFCC.

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