With a view to assist new immigrants to integrate into the Canadian Society, and to help them establish businesses in Canada, the Association organizes various activities and services from time to time. The following are some of the activities and services provided to members:

  • Membership Gathering – a monthly gathering to provide a forum for members to promote their business, to exchange ideas and to enhance friendship.
  • Seminars – to be conducted periodically on topic relating business, investment, finance taxation, education, immigrations and others.
  • Professional Services – information on various types of professional services is available to members.
  • Business Investment Opportunities – the Association will assist in exploring investment opportunities for interested members.
  • Cultural, recreational and social activities are held from time to time, e.g. Festival parties, picnics, visits and educational classes.
  • Mutual Help Groups – available among members

The Association develops different programs continuously for our members. Members who have established business in Canada are encouraged to share their experience with new immigrants, to help them assimilate into Canadian society and sustain a better living environment.

Inquiries about the Association and requests for membership are welcome.