CFCC President at BC Day BBQ 2016

MLA John Yap hosted a BBQ Party on BC Day 01AUG 2016, to entertain the residents of his riding and his supporters.  CFCC President Dr. Joseph Hui, took a good photo with MLA John and Mayor of Richmond His Worship Malcolm Brodie at the BBQ venue !

Hui Joe, MLA John Yap, Malcolm Brodie

MLA John Yap (2nd left), CFCC President Joe Hui (2nd right), Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie (1st right)

Hui Joe, John Yap, Malcolm Brodie, Pius Chan

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie (2nd left), CFCC President Joe Hui (3rd left), MLA John Yap (center), CFCC National Board Chairman Pius Chan (3rd right)

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