Omnus Investment Presentation

At the request of Director Chris Chung, organized by VP John Pak and presented by Omnus Investments Ltd., an investment seminar and dinner was conducted at the Mayfair Lakes and Golf Club, Richmond on November 28, 2014 (Friday) at 7 p.m. attended by President Joseph Hui, National Board Chairman Pius Chan, Eexcutive Vice President Hans Wong, Vice President John Pak, Chief Secretary Kitty Chan, Director Kam Wong, Director Chris Chung accompanied by Mrs. Sheila Hui, Mrs. Cindy Chan, Mrs. Eliza Wong, Mrs. Mimi Hui and guests of CFCC Ms. Phoebe Yee, Ms. Janet Chiu, Ms. Jeannie Kwok, Ms. Miu Miu Ng, Mr. Key Jang.

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