China Engineering and Technology Expo Vancouver

China Engineering and Technology Expo Vancouver
Oct 19th – 20th, 2009

Event Information (English/Chinese)

The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China will hold China Engineering & Technology Expo from 19th to 21st October 2009 at Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada in an effort to further promote the communication and development in the economic cooperation and trade between China and Canada as well as the other North American countries. At that time, H. E. Mr. Chen Jian, Vice Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China will deliver the keynote speech, and the Honorable Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade of Canada will also delivers speech.

The background and aim: This is the first Expo themed with engineering and technology sponsored by the Chinese Government in North America. The Expo aims to display to Canada and the other North American countries the major accomplishments and strengths Chinese companies have achieved since China’s opening-up, especially in the fields of engineering, technology and manufacturing of complete sets of equipment, extend the goodwill of ‘mutual benefits, win-win and cooperation’ the Chinese companies persevere in, and enhance the communication and cooperation between the Chinese and Northern American entrepreneurs. China Engineering & Technology Expo is held against the backdrop of the global financial turmoil. Therefore, Chinese government have attached great importance and conveyed its position against trade protectionism as well as its determination and confidence in cooperating with other countries to pull through hard times. The Expo is also to provide an important communication and cooperation platform to Northern American companies in inviting Chinese investment, conducting overseas investment in China, finding partners and developing various forms of economic and technological cooperation.

The topic and content: The Expo covers an exhibition floorage of 2,500 square meters, with 45 outstanding Chinese companies in the sectors of engineering construction and machinery manufacturing. These companies include leading professional engineering enterprises ranking among the world’s top 225 international contractors, large manufacturers of complete sets of equipment, high-tech companies as well as investment and trading companies. It also covers such industries as transportation, oil prospecting, electricity and power equipment, water conservancy, communication, mechanical industry and equipment. The exhibiting companies will showcase the engineering design and construction capacity, the hi-tech and advanced equipment in the various industries such as building, oil prospecting, chemical engineering, water conservancy and power construction, communication, infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges and railways, nonferrous metal, electricity and electric, mechanical industry, navigation construction, tunnel construction, harbor construction, and metallurgical industry in China by way of audio and visual methods together with models, display boards, computer demonstration as well as business meetings.

The significance: Canada and China are two major countries in the Pacific region, and both have huge potentials of cooperation in the fields of trade, investment and engineering construction. Further expanding and deepening bilateral communication and cooperation are not only beneficial to the economic development, but also conducive to the mutual understanding and trust, which will ultimately contribute to the world peace and prosperity. We sincerely wish, China Engineering & Technology Expo in Canada will further drive Canadian and Chinese entrepreneurs to strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust and expand cooperation on the basis of ‘mutual benefits, win-win and cooperation’. Hence to share closer economic and trade ties between China and North American countries.

from October 19 to October 21,2009

Hall C, East Building, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, V6C0C3, Canada

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development, British Columbia


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